The Walking Mermaid focuses on a conscious lifestyle. I thrive to live a life that is good for our planet starting with the way we dispose of our trash, the materials we use, and much more. By doing so, The Walking Mermaid reuses packaging materials such as bubble wrap which is made out of plastic. Did you know that plastic can take anything from 700-1,000 years to decompose? This is why we would much rather reuse it then to just throw it away into a landfilled. 

The boxes we buy and we urge you to recycle or reuse them. Even if you decide to throw it away, cardboard boxes tend to decompose fairly quickly. 

Our jewelry boxes are made out of cardboard as well and hand wrapped with our paper gift wrap making both fairly easy to decompose as well if it is ever thrown away. 

Sea glass is another way of cleaning our oceans. These mermaid tears were once pieces of sharp glasses that were thrown into our rivers, lakes, creeks, and oceans and with the tumbling of the waves it has gotten it's frosted appearance over the years. Some of these pieces have been tumbling for decades before making their way to the shores. 

All of our seashells are picked empty. I will never take home a live shell. I urge others to do the same as well. 

I use natural items (sea glass, seashells, driftwood, flowers, etc.) to create my pieces and never harm the environment in doing so. Most of the flowers I pick are from my own yard or found on my hikes during my blogging adventures. 

Behind the scenes I separate all of the trash and dispose of it properly. I also recycle all of the plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, etc. I also reuse any items such as glass jars to store my shells and sea glass.